Alternative gift ideas for the person who has everything

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Let’s face it, some people are just hard to buy for. Not only do they seem to have everything from the latest gadgets to the coolest clothes they’re also super secretive about what they want as a gift, only saying things like: ‘Oh, I’ll like anything’, or ‘you know me.’ Of course, these vague answers would be fine if you knew they were true and not spun lines just to make you feel better.

Sometimes it’s just best to face reality and accept that a shop-bought gift probably won’t hit the mark, so why not catch them off guard instead by making something special and unique? With sites like Homecrafts offering a wide range of art materials at a great price you won’t be short of essentials, so check out these fabulous gift ideas and get cracking.

Decoupage a jewellery box

Decoupage is a great project for anyone who enjoys cutting and sticking as it essentially involves decorating objects in coloured paper. The affect can be incredible, so to do this, get hold of an old wooden jewellery box either from your own home or a charity shop and sand it down until the surface is smooth. Next, cut out different shapes and patterns from paper and start gluing them down onto the box using decoupage glue or PVC.

While special paper can be bought from art stores, thin crate paper tends to work really well. Try not to worry too much about where you stick each cut-out as the more higgledy-piggledy designs tend to look better. Seal each layer with glue and continue until all the jewellery box is covered. Finish with glue, leave to dry and wrap. Perfect.

You’ll find plenty of decoupage inspiration online, so whether you want to decorate a bedside table, the frame of a mirror or an old dressing table instead you won’t be short of ideas.

Framed photo collages

Anyone can run into a shop and pick up a gift but if you’ve a fussy friend or someone who knows every high-street store back to front and will be able to tell where and possibly when you bought the present – try making something instead. A framed photo collage is a nice touch as it gives you the opportunity to source, print and cut out an array of fabulous one-off images. Leave plenty of time to complete this project and you could even get hold of rarely viewed images from family or friends to really give your loved one a surprise. Mount each image on high-quality coloured paper and use secure to a piece of card that fits into a preselected photo frame. Annotate and decorate as you see fit before covering in wrapping paper and finishing with ribbon.

If you simply don’t have time to do much arts and crafts you can always get a photograph printed onto a canvas. Most printing shops offer a range of canvas sizes and will advise you what will work and what won’t so go armed with a memory stick filled with several of your favourite images.

Decorate wooden letters

There are many wonderful ways to decorate wooden letters including wrapping them in wool, painting them or covering them in elaborate wallpaper. Buttons, gems, glitter, crystals and other shiny objects also make good boarders and embellishments, so let your imagination run wild and create something fantastic. As letters, numbers and symbols can be ordered individually online, decide what you want to spell out be it the person’s name, age or just a nice message and write it down on a piece of paper before ordering to ensure you get all the wooden blocks you need – after all “I LOVE YOU” wouldn’t be the same without the U.

Homemade gifts are special as they come from the heart and can’t be bought in any store making them ideal for that person who has everything.

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