Ahh, the guilt…

Post by Lynn DeVasto for the Kind Kindred series.

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I was talking with my son today and the conversation turned to guilt. He is 23 and was asking how he could ever get over things that he felt guilty about. And I said…

~ Learn to differentiate between real and imagined guilt.
~ Let go of the imagined guilt. It doesn’t exist anywhere but in your head. Nobody else is hanging onto this.
~ Disect the shit out of the real guilt. Figure out why. Figure out how. Figure out what to do differently.
~ Apologize to the ones you hurt. It doesn’t matter if they forgive you, it only matters that you do it.
~ Breathe through the fact that you’re not perfect, that you make mistakes. Learn to live with that, it’ll serve you well.
~ Forgive yourself. Let go of the real guilt. It’s in the past and doesn’t exist anywhere but in your head.
~ Do the next right thing.
~ Then, do the next right thing…

I can spin this into health, fitness and weight, but I don’t think I need to. We all know. We know what guilt is, we know how we have wronged ourselves as well as others. Take the above, absorb it, let it go. For yourself and for everybody that you love and loves you. Live your life.

And do the next right thing.

To healthy and happy,


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