The ABC’s of Self-Love: Z is for Zen

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Zen & The Art of Loving Yourself

How does the word Zen make you feel? What does it mean to you?

For me, Zen brings me to a place of complete truth & peace, it opens my eyes, my heart, body & soul to infinite possibility, love & the unity of all that is.

Zen cannot be explained with words, it’s more of a feeling, a way of life, fleeting for some, barely unwavering for others.

It is not a thought, a religion or a philosophy, it is a truth, an experience.

Though, I am so far from being some kind of Zen guru, here’s what I’ve learned by heart on my journey so far…

Zen is the gateway into showing you what it is to fiercely yet gently love yourself.

It’s about seeing the essence of who you truly are.

Beyond your train of thoughts, your memories, your to-do list, your job or self-appointed title…

Zen is living inside the present moment… moment after moment after moment.

Zen is the beautiful art of noticing.

Zen is the beautiful art of creation.

Zen is surrendering to sadness.

Zen is surrendering to laughter.

Zen is the echoing of footsteps walking down a hallway. Zen is the floor, the walls & the windows. Zen is your hand reaching into your pocket to collect the key to an already unlocked door within yourself.

Zen is connecting with all that is. It’s being aware of the unified whole. It’s oneness. It’s love.

Zen is being in a state of fierce love & wonder for all that your senses come into contact with.

Zen is being empty yet full.

Zen is being awake.

Zen is being alive.

Zen is you & me & we.

Zen is the realization that the love within yourself & for yourself is not separate from all the love in the universe.

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When Molly first asked me to be part of this fabulous self-love blog crawl to support her even-more fabulous course launch, she suggested two letters for me with their appointed words. Although I was super-excited, it took me a few days to get back to her with my, Yes, I’d be honored, I’d love to participate, whatcha got for me, love?

She had two completely different letters of the alphabet left at that point, one of them being Z is for Zen. I immediately said, Oh Yes, that’s my letter, explained to her that my word for the year was Now & I was fully committed to the practice of presence this year, that presence & I, we were getting reacquainted & I planned to marry it, so we can grow old & happy together.

The date in which Z is for Zen was supposed to be published on KOM for the crawl (today!) was wide-open, nothing was scheduled yet, today was blank slate on my blog calendar for me to fill & the days surrounding it were not.

Also, I’ve been deep in the process of creation over here, writing my little round face off, can you guess what I’m about to say?!?

Zen is one of the words in the title of a project I’ve been creating.

It almost goes without saying but for all you new loves hangin’ out here today, Zen is also special to me because of my son, Zenin. We call him Zen sometimes. He’s been my greatest teacher in this life so far. Both my children have, they are true manifestations of presence & love.

I believe in synchronicity. I believe that when you begin to notice seemingly unrelated things connecting in a meaningful way… that it’s the universe whispering in your ear, saying, Yes love, you are on the right path, keep going, I’ve got your back.

When we really begin to investigate these occurrences, that’s when the real magic starts to unfold around us — it is like breaking into jog from a slow & steady walk on your path of self-growth.

So what does all of this have to do with self-love?

For me, Zen has taught me to clear my mind of all that is untrue.


I am not enough.
I am overwhelmed.
I am shy.
I am the number on the scale.
I am not a teacher.
I am not smart enough.
I am not a writer.
I don’t know enough.
I can’t teach what has already been taught.


And let’s not even begin to get into the victim-based “They” stories (they don’t understand me, they don’t care, they judge me…)

I am none of those thoughts because I just AM.

All those stories that I continued to tell myself day in & day out were just thoughts that didn’t serve me. They were not the companions I wanted to travel with me on my journey. They surely were not what I wanted my children to learn from me. They blocked the inescapable truth that…

I am love & so are you. No matter what.

That together if we truly live at that level openly, then we aid in the rise human consciousness just by existing, & that, of course, would serve the whole of all of us.

In order to help the whole, you must first have love of self, you must love all that you are to put an end to your suffering, to heal yourself

in order to love

& heal


that is.

Deep respect, love, peace & gratitude to you,

(this is an edited excerpt from HUGE project I am working on called, Zen & The Art of Being… if you are interested in learning about this before the official announcement, sign up here, there is no set date, no details, just creating from the heart over here! xoxo)

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