A woman with pliers

I think long before I choose
My tool, unsure what it is called.
Pliers, I think, but the use is clear.
And I bend to my task, not wanting
To fail, as their youthful eyes watch me,
Learning so much more than I believe I show.

Will I fumble?
Will I teach them failure? Uselessness?
Should I just throw the thing away?
Slow, I go slow.
I follow where I think there is a way.
I follow and am shown the way.
What I hoped I would break
Is now whole again.
Experience is a little nub, where wholeness
Is restored anew.
I am a woman with pliers. I am magical.

Atiya Hussain
Atiya Hussain has been a financial journalist, a stay-at-home mum and is now working towards a PhD in History. She has lived in Europe, the United States and Asia. Throughout it all she just wanted to write, so here she finally is.

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