A Little Bird Told Me

for RO


Went out this morning to mow the thick lawn

and was greeted by the high-pitched chirpings

of a very small bird in a very large tree.

Was this that favored sparrow you told me about?

Hello, white-throated sparrow, I called out.

But, hidden thick in the foliage,

the cheery fellow just chirped away –

never to be seen.


As if I need a bird

to remind me of you.


Still, it’s a nice thought,

isn’t it?

david r. topper
David R. Topper is a published writer living in Winnipeg, Canada. His work has appeared in Mono, Poetic Sun, Discretionary Love, Academy of the Heart & Mind, and elsewhere.
Synchronized Chaos Magazine nominated his poem Seascape with Gulls: My Father's Last Painting to Sundress Publications as a 2023 Best of the Net.

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