A Letter From my True Self: Nobody can replace YOU in your business

Post by Natalia Chouklina for the Kindness in Business series.

A Letter From my True Self: Nobody can replace YOU in your business

My dearest Natalia,

Congratulations on taking the leap of faith and starting your own business. I’m so proud of you! This is such a good time for us to connect.

Who am I?

I’m your True Self! I’m a limitless, ageless and timeless part of you that knows the infinite wisdom of the Past, the Now and the Future, and operates on one basic principle – Love. I am you, and you are me. We are one.

Since you made the decision to follow your dreams, I have been vigilantly watching over you. I know this past year hasn’t been an easy one; you struggled and questioned yourself a lot. Things didn’t always go your way, and you often felt stuck and afraid because didn’t know the answers.

I’ve been with you every step of the way, always eager and ready to help.

When you needed to make a decision, I gently whispered the best option in your ear.
When you were stressed out and tired, I urged you to rest.
When you acted out of line with your values, I reminded you to take responsibility for your life and your thoughts.

You didn’t always listen, time and time again you questioned my existence and often you brushed off my (your!) guidance in favor of someone’s advice that didn’t know anything about you.

Darling, your business is an extension of YOU. Your work is an expression of your potential, your ideas, your dreams and it’s a vehicle to share your messages and to make your impact in the world.

Nobody can replace YOU in your business.

Why then, when in doubt, do you turn outwardly and seek clarity from anyone but yourself?

Why do you spend your valuable time learning about the ways of others and comparing instead of expressing what’s in your heart?

You are already successful, brilliant and perfect. You don’t need to change, to whip yourself into shape, and to sell yourself out and tone down your ideas in order to make it.

The answers and the clues to all your questions are inside you. Your wisdom is limitless. It’s always been here. You have everything you need to be successful right here and right now. Get out of your own way and listen.

Here’s how you can start:

Trust Your True Self (simply put – trust yourself): First of all, you can’t hear your inner guidance if you are constantly running around and cluttering your life. Slow down. Give me a seat at the table. Pay attention when I speak. When you do, I promise, I will not let you down.

I don’t care about the rules of your society and other people’s opinions. My main concern is YOU and your growth; every word I whisper in you ear is with that motivation in mind.

My guidance is free, instant and unique to YOU! Twitter, How-to’s, groundbreaking research and the latest course will never come close to what I have to offer. Yes, these are valuable tools but they should serve as a supplement to your infinite wisdom, not a replacement.

Take care of yourself: To create your masterpiece and to share it with the world, you need to take care of yourself first. Feeling nourished, rested and whole will help you so much.

Creating something when you are burned out, exhausted and irritated, will only lead to an expression that’s a fragment of who you are and what you are truly capable of. Self-care is not a luxury – it’s a must!

Choose to practice courage. Say what you mean. Share your ideas openly and without hesitation. Be willing to explore your fears and the darker places.

Please understand that your ideas and your messages are unique. People need to hear them but you have to step up to the mic to share them. It’s not about getting it right and making it perfect – it’s about saying what you feel and discussing what you see.

I can’t promise you that my guidance will make your life easy but it will make it easier. I’m a stand for love, self-expression and creativity, not comfort and safety, and if you follow my guidance I promise that I will take you to a place you truly want to be –living your life at your full potential.

Know this. Believe this. Live this. Everyday.

I love you,

Your True Self.

Natalia is a certified life coach, writer and a creator of Unravel Yourself Circles for people who want to shine with passion, confidence and unwavering self-respect, and to discover a life of Beauty, Joy and Meaning. For more about Natalia, check out Achieve the Impossible and join her on Facebook and Instagram.


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