A Lesson in Value

Sometimes (often, actually) the lessons come from the simplest things…if you’re open to seeing them. This lesson is no exception.

I was getting ready the other day and put on a usual winter combination – a sweater with a tee-shirt underneath. As I was putting them on, I noticed that the tee-shirt and the sweater were 2 VERY different sizes – 4 sizes apart (the tee-shirt was an XXL and the sweater was a Small). Now typically, I am neither of those sizes.

What I am is a woman who has been socialized to believe that at least some of her value is in her appearance. I’m also a woman who, at one point in her life, would have let the size Small sweater or the size XXL tee-shirt mean something about her.

This time, I chuckled at the ridiculousness of women’s clothing sizing, shared this lesson with a few friends, and went on with my life.

It stuck in my head, though, and what I’ve come to see is that there’s a much deeper lesson. Yes, learning that my value has nothing to do with my clothing size is important, but it goes deeper than that.

Clothing, and even clothing size, is an external factor. My value has nothing to do with any external factor. Ever. My value is inherent because I’m alive…and so is yours.

Your value is always internal. It’s not based on what you wear, how¬† you look, what you’ve accomplished, or your relationship status. Your value is inherent. You exist, therefore you have value…and I’m glad you’re here.

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