A different kind of Valentine’s Love

It’s the day before Valentine’s day, and I’m betting you’re just as sick of the jewelry, chocolate and greeting card commercials as I am. I love love, and am all for celebrating love, but we’re going to do that a little differently today. No trip up the greeting card aisle, no gift to buy. Today, I want you to celebrate the ways you love yourself. Tomorrow can be for all of the other important people in your life, but today is for you.

Not sure where to start? Let’s start by celebrating your uniqueness! You are the only you who will ever walk the planet, forever and ever and ever, yet most of us go around wishing we were more like “everyone else”…especially when you’re bombarded with ads for products that tell you there’s something wrong with you. So, just for today, I invite you to notice your uniqueness and celebrate it. Whenever you start to hear the voice of comparison (which, by the way, is one of the most common ways we fall out of love with ourselves) remind yourself of 1 way your uniqueness makes you awesome.

Try this simple celebration of self-love today: notice comparison, identify 1 way you’re unique and tell yourself why that uniqueness makes you awesome. Repeat as needed!

So, tell me. What makes you you unique? Let me celebrate with you!

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