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Equality is not just about treating all people with the same kindnesses,
although that is how it begins on the surface.

Equality is an expression of a deeper sense of unity,
and Unity is an expression of a deeper sense of Oneness.

True equality will never be had until a deep realization
of the ONENESS of all things is truly and completely
experienced, within yourself.

Yes, I said yourself.
I didn’t say the world.

And that is because, you ARE the world.

A macrocosm of the microcosm —
everything that exists in this universe,
also exists IN YOU.

You are both the sum of all parts,
and a tiny expression of them…
the whole and complete infinite everything,
and the singular experience of the precious being
that is you.

You are all of this,
all at once.

And so is every living being on this planet.

This is not a nice quote, and sentiment for you to savor on,
this is the truth. Just look around… you see someone who is sad,
you see someone who is angry, you see someone who is homeless and lost…

Is there not a part of you that is sad? Is there not a part of you that is angry?
Is there not a part of you that is homeless and lost? If you look inside,
you will find it.

If you look deep inside, you will find EVERY piece,
and how that plays out in your life.

You look around and you see darkness, you see war and violence…
is there not darkness within you sometimes? Is there not war in you – against yourself or others – sometimes? Is there not violence in you? Perhaps your violence appears towards yourself for not losing that last 10 pounds, or perhaps it appears mentally, towards your partner when they disappoint you. Or perhaps it appears towards the violent person you see on television, you say “I want them dead by the end of the program”… that is violence and war, living in you.

If you are brave, you can find your internal killer, your own “hater” — you want this evil-doer on the tv, dead. His life is worth nothing to you in that moment. You are believing the same thing the hate-crime perpetrator believes… that someone’s life is of no value. You look at them and you are full of hate, you say “how could anybody be so cruel and cold!! How could anybody dis-regard a life in that way?!” and you are doing it yourself, towards them, right at that very moment. You are doing as they do, in your MIND. You are disregarding a life… their life. And in that moment, you are just as confused as they are.

In that moment, you have stepped outside of the LOVE and the GOODNESS that you ARE, and you use this “hater” as your excuse to be outside of that. In that moment you are a believer in punishment, retribution and hate “for good cause”.

But there is NEVER good cause for hate.

If we want the “haters” to stop hating, then maybe we should give it a try — towards them. If we want THEM to love unconditionally, maybe we should try to do it first. Our society eats it up off the TV and movie screens, this violence and internal warring of characters. People take pleasure in seeing the “bad guy” go down, they say, “I can’t understand how someone could take pleasure in the extinguishing of another life!” , but they CAN understand it — because they just did it — in the relief of the extinguishing of the “bad guys” life. The “bad guy” is believing the same thing as you are… that this person is wrong/bad, and needs to go down. They are caught in a BELIEF, they are trapped in their mind. Never mind their reasoning, never mind if it’s insane, the belief is the same… and their insanity, is your insanity.

Insanity is believing that some life is of no value, and whether you think that’s true or not, VIOLENCE is born of that belief, and it does not matter what is “right” or “wrong” about it, because it is a cycle that has NO END.

“An eye for an eye, leaves the whole world blind.” — Mahatma Ghandi

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” — Martin Luther King Jr.

Take it from the ones that knew. Take it from the ones that gave their LIFE to the cause of LOVE without condition.

I cannot heal in the world what I cannot heal in myself.
It must begin with me.
The cycle must end with me. If I want “them” to love and embody kindness,
let ME do it first.

What we call darkness is only confusion. It is a mis-understanding of the highest degree. It’s believing the thoughts that we think, completely. Those in the world that stand against equality, that single out races and sexes and sexual orientations… they are confused, SO confused! They are believing their thoughts, they are believing they are separate, separate from people, separate from Life itself.

They believe they are alone in a very dark and small world, and this is an incredibly painful way to live. Living outside of the goodness and love that we are is excruciating, they try to create actions and sets of beliefs that will correct this awful feeling that they have, and it doesn’t work, it only get’s worse, they are living in their own personal hell. When you believe everything you think, you can’t see a way out. The funny thing is they are still seeking unity, they’re just going about it in a futile way, they are joining a group of people who “agree” with them and thus creating a false sense of togetherness, and a false sense of power to make up for the huge hole that’s in their life and heart. And the pain of living that way is it’s own punishment. As the buddha said, “you will not be punished for your anger, you will be punished BY your anger.”

There are no “bad” people, there are only “bad” horrific and terrifying thoughts that are thoroughly believed and then acted-upon. This is how awful things happen, this is how horrendous acts of unconsciousness happen, and it does not mean that there will not be consequences for these actions. For certainly, there are. This is not saying that you should have a bake sale for murderers, and knit sweaters for perpetrators of hate crimes, because I know a lot of outraged minds will go straight to that thought. Hear me…

this only means that we no longer seek to end hate WITH hate.
For that is the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

Equality will NEVER be reached through separation, it will not be reached externally through punishment and shame. We have been trying our hand at punishment and banishment, and shame and separation and execution since the BEGINNING OF TIME… and how’s that working out so far?

Equality does not begin “out there”, it begins IN HERE. You are a whole world in and of yourself — heal this world within yourself, and then love this world outside yourself… while you watch it’s own healing continue to unfold.

We say that, “we are all stardust, and are all beautiful beings of Grace” … “but not THOSE people” we say, “Not the ones who believe THAT, they are ignorant scum, and they need to go down”… but wait a minute, I thought we were all stardust? What happened to that? So some of us are stardust and some of us are scum? Who get’s to decide that?

This article itself is, for me, a prime example of an opportunity to rise above my thinking mind and truly embody the equality of which I speak. Because I could write an article like this, and then receive a bunch of angry conflicting comments on it, and then become self-righteous and separate myself from the commenters and call them ignorant, and a whole bunch of garbage like that, and continue the cycle of war/defense/internal-violence. I could write this article, not speaking from my place of true authentic knowing within myself, but from a place of seeking agreement from you, and false-unity and togetherness, just like I was speaking of before. And if I did that, I would be lost. Lost to the truth of this article. For everyone will not agree, and if they don’t, I might have to get defensive and go to war on you in my head, cut you off from my world, and where is my equality then? Where is my unconditional love for all beings then?

So I welcome disagreement, because there are still parts within me that also disagree. There are still parts within me that are fearful of the implications of total equality. And if I can love those parts equally, if I can see and undo them too, then I am living the truth of which I speak. And if I can’t, then I have more work to do.

Because I DO believe, with all my being, from a place within me I CANNOT explain, that LOVE is the only answer. LOVE is the only way. That pain upon pain never healed any wounds. This is one way I can LIVE that truth TODAY.

So I ask you, and I ask myself… Do you believe in that ONENESS with all life? Or don’t you? What in this world do you want healed, that you can heal, starting today, in yourself? Would you rather live this life loving in the best way that you can, or defending against countless variables? When it’s all said and done, regardless of opinions, do you want to be “right” or do you want to be love?

There is no wrong choice. The world learns from you either way.
What do you want them to learn?

Hi my name is Sunni, and I am someone who is interested in the truth. Not the world’s truth, but my truth. Because I have discovered that the knowings that are really worth knowing, come from within, from beyond the Mind, from somewhere sweet and wordless within me. Some people call these realizations “ah-ha moments” — and you can call them whatever you like, the meaning is the same. These realizations are like fingerprints, they are unrepeatable, they come to you at the perfect time, in a way that is totally unique to you. There is a home at the center of all of us, one that we have strayed from, and one that we’re returning to, and it left us this trail of breadcrumbs, so that we can find our way. Everything I do is about picking up those pieces, those moments of that sweetest clarity, and immoveable truth at my center. Every piece leads deeper IN. At best, my writing hopes to spark some recognition in you, but the moment of truth is yours alone. You’ve done that work yourself, you realized it, because you were ready to. Bravo to you! To read about my breadcrumbs, and maybe spark some more of your own, please join me at TheDailyBreadcrumb.com.


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