A changing self is a living self

photo by Jenny Ingalls Nelson

I know a thing or 2 about change. Whether you’re talking about the 5 year period that I moved every year and had more hairstyles than I can count, or the slow gradual change that I now live and teach, I’ve got a thing for change.

Change gets a bad wrap. It’s a word that can evoke fear. It can be hard, or scary when it comes from a bad place – this is absolutely true. What’s also true about change, is that it can be one of life’s greatest gifts. It happens naturally (children grow, faces wrinkle), and it’s what allows us to live, but it’s the more conscious change (new job, relationship ending) that can feel scary. 

What if that fear isn’t about the change at all? 

 What if it’s really about the feelings behind the change?

Change is simply an action or a process. There’s no inherent feeling attached to it. The emotional charge and/or fear comes from the emotion fueling the change. Change which results from pain, is scary and rarely turns out well. When we are able to take a moment and pause, acknowledge the emotional charge that’s happening, and give ourselves a little breathing space before making a decision, the fear of change starts to dissipate.

When we take baby steps and make space for our feelings, we can see that it’s OK to say NO to all of that drastic ‘just do it’ change that feels so uncomfortable. That kind of change plays on the underlying fear that we all carry. Trust that feeling!

How often have drastic measures worked for you?

Maybe it’s time to try something different. Something more gradual. Something more alive.

Thanks for being on this journey with me.
?, Lara

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