9 Ways to Ditch the Stress of Social Media

I learned about a new social media platform today and it’s perfect for me! Specifically designed for female entrepreneurs, it showcases my multi-focused business and it’s overflowing with entrepreneurs fueling their businesses with creativity.

Am I elated? No, I’m not.

The weight of yet another site that splits my attention is a buzz kill. I might as well be treading water while being handed a 5 lb. weight. It’s just one more thing I’d have to add to my plate, one more dormant social media account, one more chance to feel like I’m not doing enough to connect, strengthen and prove my business.

If social media is not your jam, drop the weight! Swim to shore!

Social proof is essential, but social media isn’t.

If you love digging in with clients one on one rather than curating content, ignore the mavens telling you the one true way to entrepreneurial success is through the gates of social media. If you’ve got a system that connects you to new clients and it doesn’t include social media – stick with it. Do what works for you.

Entrepreneurial power is in building true connections and the effect is multiplied when you establish social proof. I’ve spent the last few years working hard in my business and social media is a tiny sliver of what I do to establish trust and credibility with my ideal client base.

Today I’m going to share nine ways you can build trust and social proof without social media stress.

1) Testimonials

Post ’em, share ’em, give your client’s a mic and let them build you up! The best (meaning most social proof building) testimonials include pictures of your clients and are Twitter-short. Too long and they lose focus and impact.

2) As Seen On

Even if you’re not huge on Instagram, I’m sure you’re not hiding under a rock. Showcase the logos of sites or podcasts that feature your work, even forums where you’re active. This shows prospects you’re legit and that your industry trusts you to teach to their audience.

3) Endorsements

Surely you’ve taken a few online courses from key players in your industry. Reach out, connect and ask for an endorsement. A well-known face in your industry will build credibility with your prospects.

4) Certifications, Conferences & Trainings

Show your prospects that you take your profession seriously and are constantly working on professional development. Display badges for your professional certifications and memberships and any conferences you attend.

5) Show Up Regularly

Forget daily or weekly – find what you can maintain. Bi-weekly, monthly? It doesn’t matter, just be consistent. A track record of updated content and communication (umm…hello email list!) goes a long way to prove you are reliable and dedicated.

6) Reflect Your Client’s Pain

Tapping into your client’s problems builds credibility in huge ways. Using your website to illustrate her problems shows you’re down in the trenches, it shows you really “get” her. It uncovers you experience and expertise in an authentic and compassionate way.

7) Show Some Satisfaction

Rating stars are an instant trust and proof building visual. No matter what your business, send satisfaction surveys and post the results. It’s also a great way to get some honest testimonial feedback.

8) Share Stories

True life stories are powerful in the social proof building world. That’s why weight-loss sites run heavy on the before and after transformation stories. Reconnecting with past or long-term clients makes for a great blog post you can refer to over and over again to build your social proof.

9) Skip Low Proof and Go with No Proof

If your social media numbers are low, it’s better to skip the share counters rather than reveal only one or two likes. Besides, if you take the time to focus on the first eight points, you won’t need the “Like” button. Robots can get a hundred shares, but only the best entrepreneurs can consistently delight and impact the lives of their clients.

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