8 Ways You Can Help the Planet and Your Conscientiousness

Do you often feel like doing something to make the world a better place? Maybe you do take action but then your daily tasks pile up again and you’re distracted by all the other things you need to worry about, so helping the planet and others isn’t a priority anymore.

It’s time to change that. If you do have a tiny peacemaker inside of you, if you care about animals and pollution, if you want to create awareness and show others how to be a better citizen of the Earth, too – here are some interesting ways to help the planet together with your conscientiousness that anyone can do:

  1. Start biking more

Movement is amazing. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to feel more comfortable with our body, become more self-aware, enjoy life more, reduce stress levels and increase happiness. Not to mention we can stay in shape and raise our confidence.

A fantastic way to combine all these benefits with preserving the planet is to choose biking over driving. Yes, one car less out there can make a difference. Biking allows you to explore the neighborhood, you aren’t going to be stuck in traffic or wait for public transport, and you can breathe fresh air and burn some calories.

  1. Save water

You might think there’s plenty of drinking water around, but we’re currently experiencing what is known as Freshwater Crisis. While almost 70% of the planet is covered by water, only 3% of it is fresh and only 1% drinkable. This must be enough for nearly 7 billion people!

You can start saving water in your daily life with some mini-habits. These include turning off the tap when brushing your teeth and taking shorter showers.

  1. Go vegetarian

A study has found that vegetarianism is the best way to reduce our environmental impact on the planet. Eating less meat will help you reconnect with yourself, animals and nature.

Livestock farming exists to produce animals that provide us with meat and dairy. These animals need land and that often leads to deforestation. In addition, they need tons of water and food. The grain used to feed them could easily feed billions of people instead.

Livestock farming also produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all transport put together.

If you can’t go completely vegetarian, just try to reduce your meat consumption.

  1. Recycle

You hear about this everywhere, but are you doing it? By recycling paper you’re saving trees. By not throwing away plastic (or using too much of it) you’re reducing waste and conserving energy.

To start – reuse everything you can; then look for ways to recycle at home and at work. If recycling isn’t available in your area, simply gather the plastic, glass and paper materials separately and take them to a recycling drop-off center.

  1. Reduce your plastic waste.

While completely eliminating plastic would be ideal, it’s not easy in today’s world. Plastic is literally everywhere. The point is to be conscious about it and make some changes in your daily life.

That might mean bringing a reusable shopping bag when shopping, keeping your food in glass containers, drinking from a reusable water bottle instead of buying new plastic ones every day, etc.

  1. Volunteer

There are many environmental volunteer programs you can join. That’s a great hobby, can lead to making new friends and makes you feel like you’re contributing to the world.

Volunteering is also related to increased happiness levels.

  1. Make your home more energy-efficient

You can save energy and money by lowering your thermostat, unplugging electronics when they are not being used, switching to LED lightbulbs and buying more efficient versions of kitchen appliances.

  1. Spread the word

Last but not least, once you become a more conscientious citizen of the world and know how people can save the planet – share that information.

There are many people who would like to help but have no idea where to start. You can inspire them by letting them know how the planet can become a better home for the next generations and also about the health benefits from preserving it.

There’s so much you can do about the planet and your own conscientiousness. If you put in some effort, do your research, make changes at home and build some new habits that help save the environment; you will find more meaning in your life and enjoy our natural resources much more.

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