6 Steps to Unconditional Self Love

It’s February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. There will be lots of talk about love and relationships and special partners. For people who are getting over a bad break-up, Valentine’s can be sad. All that love talk can make you feel lonely and possibly unworthy. A little victim-like and that’s not a good place to be.

My Silly Little Valentine is Me!

That’s right. I want you to turn all your love onto yourself. The month of love is the best time to start a truly loving relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself is the most important.

After all, you spend 100% of your time with you.

If you aren’t in love with your amazing self, then your time together will be pretty sad. Wouldn’t you rather spend time with someone who is supportive and appreciates just how awesome you are, warts and all?

Of course you do. This Valentine’s Day fall in love with your amazing, audacious, gorgeous, unique and wonderful self.

It’s impossible to find a truly loving, equal and respectful relationship if you’re not in love with yourself. When you love yourself, you say yes and no with equal grace and ease. Self-love is uplifting and comfortable. You’ll know who you are, what you’ll accept and your life will become balanced, loving and happy.

Let’s spread love all around you!

6-Steps to Unconditional Self-Love

Step 1:  Stop all your nasty, mean-spirited self-talk. Would you talk to a person you love the way you talk to yourself? No. Change your script. Use uplifting and encouraging words. Be you own best friend.

Step 2:  Embrace and love your weaknesses. Yup, we all have them. When we love another person, we accept them just the way they are. We love their flaws and quirks. Do that for yourself.

Step 3:  Put yourself on a pedestal. You are spectacular and it’s time to rise up and recognize all that you are and can be. Admire yourself.

Step 4:  Treat yourself with kindness and love. Say No to others so you’ll have more time to say Yes to you. Accept compliments with a simple thank-you.   

Step 5:  Celebrate you, your accomplishments, your value, your abilities and your gratitude. You have achieved great things and you have overcome challenges. Celebrate what you have done and look forward to what you’re going to do. You are worthy of a celebration.

Step 6:  Look in the mirror and say: “I Love You, flaws and all.” Repeat frequently with passion. Smile while you say I love you. Your body is a gift and it is worthy of your unconditional love.

Fall in love with yourself. Be your best friend. Speak words of kindness and encouragement to yourself.

Be your Valentine. Give Yourself Unconditional Love.



Susan Ball is the founder of Empowered Her, an abuse recovery expert and a bestselling author. "Empowered Her" blossomed from Susan's own abusive relationships and is built on the belief that all women are entitled to live free, fulfilled and fearless.
Susan is on a mission empowering women to Rise Up, Show Up, Free Their Voices and Move Out of Victim-Hood.
You can connect with Susan on her website or join her Healing Narcissistic Trauma Facebook Group.

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