5 Wishes & 1 Free Printable As You Embrace December with Tracey Selingo

Guest Post by Tracey Selingo for the Kind Kindred series.

I’m so grateful that you’re taking a few minutes out of your cyber Monday to dance with me here in Amanda’s garden of kindness. We all need this space to soothe the savage and quiet the storms that brew around, above, behind and within us.

Now more than ever, really.

December is just a few days away. There are Christmas tunes on the radio, a barrage of gift-giving deals and ideals on the tube and it’s nearly impossible to walk into a store that’s not decorated floor-to-ceiling, window-to-window, wall-to-wall. Heavy sigh.

What no marketer wants you to know is that you really don’t need to look farther than your own heart to know how to make this season special for yourself and others. For all the gifts you plan to make, and those you plan to buy, you only need to remember this: when you give yourself to others without condition, without expectation and without reward then the peace you receive in kind delivers enough joy for a lifetime.

There is no magic like the magic of connecting, knowing, enjoying and loving those you’re with whether they’re under your roof or on the other side of the world.

A simple note, a two-minute call, a surprise visit, an unexpected offer…these are the gifts that say “I know,” “I love,” “I care.” And in the hustle and bustle of where life continues to take us, it’s sometimes hard to just know that YOU are gift enough. And you are.

With that, I have five wishes for you this season:

may you discover them all one by one. Day by day. Month after month. And may you take these wishes and share them with your own world…just click here for a free DIY 5×7 (A7) holiday card. There’s no time like the present to be present.

Tracey Selingo is a writer and communication consultant who helps people get a word in edgewise at ink engage. She’s also an impulsive-dark-chocoholic-belly-laughing-promise-maker. You can find her promises at Twisted Pinky.

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