5 Ways to Build Resiliency

This old Japanese proverb perfectly summarizes resiliency – the ability to keep going, even when tough things happen.

It’s also much easier said than done.

Here are my 5 favorite ways to build your resiliency:

  1. Take a break  When you’ve just fallen and you can’t even think about standing up, don’t.  Take a break.  Step away.  Do anything other than the thing that you were doing.  Take a walk, dance it out or just take a nap, but give yourself a break so that you don’t implode.
  2. Use your network  I’m not talking about LinkedIn.  I’m talking about the people who have earned a seat at your table.  The ones on speed dial who will be with you and listen.  Reach out.  Call someone.  Set up a grown up play date where you can talk it out and get some empathy.
  3. Refill  What makes you feel good?  Do you love reading or a good movie?  Do that thing.  Choose something that fills your spirit.  Refilling makes it possible to start giving again.
  4. Reframe  How else can you look at the fall?  What can you learn from a mistake so that you can improve?  Start looking for other ways to see the situation, and begin to consider the possibility that there’s something better on the other side.
  5. Refocus  Now you can start to dig back in.  Start to stand up, and remember that it’s OK to crawl first.  Take a small step back into your dream.


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