5 Ways to Access Your Inner Self-Kindness

When you think about being kind to yourself, do you think of an action you can take? I know I do, and that’s how my self-kindness journey started. When I was so burnt out that I couldn’t manage all that was on my plate, I stepped away. As trivial as it may seem, I went to get a manicure because I needed to ensure that my hands would be occupied and that I would have to take a break!

There are tons of other actions that you can take to practice self-kindness. You can go for a walk, you can try meditation, you can go to sleep early, you can phone a friend….but what do you do when it’s inner kindness you need?

On the days when the inner critic is loud and trying to be the one in charge, here are 5 ways to reconnect with your inner self-kindness:

1) Put a hand on your heart. Listen to the critical voice and engage with her. Don’t try to ignore her or tell her to be quiet. Instead, reassure her that you’re OK and you’ve got this.
2) Hold your own hand. This is a great one to do if you’re at work, in a meeting, or in any kind of public place. Subtly place one hand on top of the other and gently hold your own hand. There’s a calming feeling that happens when you show yourself physical compassion.
3) Find your “I’m awesome” file. Don’t have one? Create one! This can be an email folder or a physical collection of positive reviews, feedback and general messages supporting your awesomeness. Create one of these immediately if you don’t have one! If you’ve got yours already, give its contents a quick read to shift back to self-kindness.
4) Shift gears. If the task that you’re doing is making the inner critic louder than usual, shift into something that feels easier. Accomplishing something before tackling the hardest task reminds you how capable you are.
5) Remind yourself that the feeling is temporary. Whatever is causing your inner critic to be on high alert will pass. Sometimes a simple reminder that the situation or feeling is temporary is all that’s needed to return to your kinder self.

No external action required, these 5 things can be done almost anywhere at almost any time! We all have days when we can’t quite hear our inner kind voice. Next time one shows up for you, grab these 5 practices and return to your inner self-kindness.

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