5 Traits of Strong Female Leaders

Margaret Thatcher, Valentina Tereshkova, Indira Gandhi, Jeanne D’ark, Angela Merkel, Nirzhda Bhanot and Gretta Tunberg…all these women are unique. Each of them has her mission and role in the fate of all humankind. Each of them is a leader with a distinctive set of qualities that allow us to talk about their impact on the life of the whole world. Here are some qualities that female leaders possess:

1. The Ability to Keep Balance

If we were talking about men, the ability to maintain balance would probably not be on the list. However, the female nature is different. The specificity of this nature motivates a woman to be equally realized in all areas. For a modern woman to be a successful leader, wife or mother, the main components, skillfully combined, give the energy to move on.

A modern female leader is a woman who knows how to keep a balance between all areas of her life – work, career, family and self-development. She does not rush from one extreme to another – she is holistic in each of these areas. Receiving the energy of her family, she redirects it to career growth and leadership – and vice versa. The ability to maintain the right balance gives the woman the opportunity to not exhaust her strengths, but to multiply and distribute them correctly.

2. Entrepreneurial Intuition

From time immemorial, entrepreneurship was considered something exclusively masculine. The woman’s task was to raise children and preserve the hearth. This way of life has been relevant for many centuries. It is not surprising that many women were unable to develop entrepreneurial traits; however, intuition has always been considered a feminine quality – and her advantage.

In the context of the modern female leader, entrepreneurial intuition leads quite successfully along the path of development so it is necessary to develop this quality. The practical side of this is to constantly update and expand knowledge about work and business. Being able to feel and apprehend is more about a woman’s spiritual development and self-awareness.

3. Strong Communication Skills

This is a classic trait of any leader. The ability to communicate with people is one of the key leadership qualities. It is true for both women and men – there is no fundamental difference The ability to listen and hear, understand and sympathize, inspire and motivate using the power of words is a must-have skill for any leader in any industry.

Women are by nature more communicative than men. This is precisely the factor that can become a strong advantage for a female leader. The ability to start a casual conversation with any person, turn on her charm and charisma, convince the interlocutor of her rightness and correctly respond to objections can give a woman leader a strong competitive advantage in any field.

4. Persuasion and Oratory

Why are these qualities so important for women leaders? Despite the progressive nature of our society, feminist movements and the like, the role of a leader is often associated with men. In a business environment, a male leader is normal while a female leader is not always perceived correctly. Subconsciously, we still exclusively consider men to be leaders. In this context, the ability to speak and convince becomes key for a woman.

Most people will believe a man only because he is a man. A woman’s task is much more complicated. She needs to convince people she can be believed. Unfortunately the deep roots of social structures in which women have a secondary role are still strong in our society.

A classic example of this attitude can be found in one of the most progressive countries. In Japan, if a man and a woman have the same qualifications, the same education and the same work experience, the employer will give preference to a man exclusively because of gender.

5. Self-Belief

Taking into account the fact that the role of a woman is still subconsciously perceived as secondary in most cases, a modern female leader must have faith in herself. Strong faith and hope become decisive – female energy is strong in itself and the Universe is responsive to her energetic messengers. Sometimes the only thing a woman needs to do in order to become a leader is simply to believe in herself and take the first step.


Men and women initially receive different behavioral strategies from nature. For men, this is stalking, control, capture and dominance. For women – attraction, seduction, retention of the object and the desire for harmony and stability. The modern world has changed a woman: she wears trousers and formal suits, manages a department, company, city or an industry. Women have become tougher and more demanding of themselves and others.

Can a woman be a leader? Of course she can!

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