4 ways to find your Happiness

Being in a state of happiness is a wonderful thing. It makes going through life’s difficulties much more manageable. However, when you get into a cycle where nothing feels like it is going right and negative thoughts are popping up all the time, then it can feel out of your control. Even worse, if you have never been in what you view as a state of happiness then it can feel impossible and out of reach to achieve.

I want you to realize you are not alone at all! Many people grow up without seeing or experiencing happiness. I was one of those people. When I was younger I literally believed that happiness was something that happened to people. It was all up to luck and some people had happy lives while some people didn’t. I would see friends having beautiful friendships, romances, great jobs and wonderful lives while I was on the other side – feeling like I was hit by a bus every day. I frequently felt sad and alone. I wanted to be happy but had no idea how to get to that place. You can probably imagine that I was not at all fun to be around and this created more discontent in my life. One day at a very low point, I wandered into the self-help section of Barnes & Noble and my world was forever changed. It has been a journey (or we could stay struggle, LOL) since then with many ups and downs. What I have found through reading many self-help books, my education and practical experience is that happiness is within our grasp!! All it takes is a few shifts in our personal beliefs combined with actionable steps. Doing these two things can drastically change your life for the better and make you happier.

Below are 4 simple shifts you can make starting now:

  1. Realize that happiness isn’t found, it is actually created:

I know it may not feel this way but you have so much more control than you think. Happiness is all in your control. In fact, happiness is a state of mind! While you cannot control many things that happen to you, you can control how you feel and react to it.

  1. Happiness is a skill you can learn:

I swear you can! It is 100% possible. Instead of viewing happiness as something that should just naturally happen in your life, view happiness as a skill that can develop with active shifts in your thinking. Whenever we start out learning something new there is always a learning curve. Think about when you first started playing a sport, exercising, learning an instrument, etc. You didn’t know how to do it right away and nobody expected you to. There was learning involved! The same thing goes for being happy. You have to learn what works and then practice implementing it.

  1. Listen to your intuition:

What things are you ignoring? You know what I am talking about. When we ignore something we know we need to deal with, it can lead to a lot of crazy going on in your brain. Handle your biz and you will almost instantly feel better. Conversations and situations can be uncomfortable, but once it is out you will feel so much lighter. When you put something off the negativity and stress will continue to grow.

  1. Forgive and Let Go:

People will hurt you. You will hurt people. Forgive. Forgive. Forgive. While your first instinct will probably be that there is no way you can forgive _________ (fill in name) because they deeply hurt you. What you must know about forgiveness is that it is NEVER about letting that person off the hook. Forgiveness is all about letting go of what happened so that you can heal, find peace and let go. Don’t go through life dragging your baggage around with you. It doesn’t feel good. Practice forgiving everyone that has hurt you or let you down – starting today. This includes you. How many times have you felt guilt over a situation? If you don’t want to repeat a specific situation or scenario, then you also have to include yourself in the forgiveness process.

Christina is a Binge Eating & Happiness coach for women who want to conquer binge eating for good so they can create sustainable weight loss & finally have the freedom to pursue the life they know they deserve. She teaches people how to create happy and healthy lives. Connect with her on Facebook.

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