4 Ways Fall Is Different When You Live In the South

The leaves may not turn vibrantly orange and red, but autumn still comes to the Southern United States. It’s not quite the same as you might experience in the colder states, but that’s what makes fall in the South unique.

When people living up North don sweaters and mittens, people in the South are emerging from a long, hot summer. Much of daily life for the entire year takes place outdoors, thanks to the mild temperatures.

Outdoor living is all the rage

The days may be getting shorter, but temperatures are still over 900 in most of the South. Outdoor living spaces are the perfect way to enjoy the milder weather and spend time away from the air conditioning. Home builders and DIY’ers outfit these big outdoor spaces as a fully-functioning living area. Fully covered porches have TV’s mounted so that you don’t miss a single play of the big game, while comfortable furniture is as important as what you have inside. The spaces typically include full-service kitchens with refrigerators, cooktops and sinks with a dining area suited for hosting Thanksgiving dinner. But you won’t find outdoor entertainment limited to homes. When you live somewhere you can eat outside; you’ll find that the restaurants have discovered outdoor entertaining as well.

Halloween is hot

You can trick or treat easily in the Southern states, and families go out together in groups. In neighborhoods like Cross Creek Ranch in Houston, everyone in the community is out and about, with driveway parties and over the top yard décor. Friendly neighbors set up food and drink stands to host other neighbors.

One unique thing you’ll find is that kids and adults wear lightweight costumes. The evenings are still balmy in late October and it’s just too hot for a heavy, padded costume. For the same reason, many kids avoid masks to make it easier to breathe in the humidity, but face paint works just fine.

Traditional dress codes don’t apply

In most of the southern states, the summers are so long that people continue to wear shorts and sleeveless shirts through the end of November. Although there is usually a shift toward darker colors, the warm weather loosens the adherence to traditional guidelines about what is appropriate. Flip flops and open-toed sandals are considered appropriate footwear year-round, so it’s important to pay attention to your pedicure much longer than you might if you were living elsewhere.

In states like Texas, the moms delay back to school shopping until November when the kids have to transition from shorts into long pants. Buying a new wardrobe in August isn’t advisable when children could outgrow the new clothes before it is cool enough to wear them.

Football is a dressy occasion

If you’re attending an SEC football game, you need to dress your best. Tailgating and football games aren’t a casual affair in the frenzied football states. Football games are a big source of socializing, so you’ll want to bring your best outfit planning to your game day clothes.

The high fashion standards aren’t just for women. Men traditionally wear starched, pressed button-down shirts in team colors with jeans and good shoes. Women wear dresses with custom boots and team spirit-inspired shirts with bling and leggings.

Fall in the South is like no place else

When autumn comes to the South, it’s different than anywhere else. Outdoor living that is still warm enough to enjoy makes celebrating fall a different experience. A big focus on football, fashion and outdoor entertainment creates friendly neighborhoods full of people who enjoy being part of a community.

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