4 Easy Ways to Live More Kindly

1)  Recycle.  (AKA Earth kind!) I’m betting you’re already a good recycler, but let’s take it to the next level!  Did you know that:
  • most dry cleaners take wire hangers back?
  • many grocery stores recycle plastic bags?
  • there are organizations that will pick up old computers & reuse them for education?
  • you can recycle almost anything through Terracycle?

2)  Try to do a Random Act of Kindness every day!  In 2014, I did a #365DaysofKind project, where I did a kind act every day.  After doing hundreds of them, I can tell you that it’s changed my life in wonderful ways.

3) Use Amazon Smile anytime you’d use Amazon.  Simply go to http://smile.amazon.com/, and support a charity of YOUR CHOICE while you shop!

4)  Need a gift?  If you can’t find anything you love on Amazon Smile,GreaterGood.com has 9 different causes that you can support, simply by shopping for a gift you need to buy anyway. Other great options include Tom’s, Purpose jewelry, and Sudara! Make your gift giving even kinder by buying from companies that give back.

Thank you for subscribing to KOM’s Love Letters from Lara!  I hope you found these tips easy, and will begin to integrate them into your life.  

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