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Dynamic Interactive Astrology uses a comprehensive and sophisticated set of keywords and subsequent key phrases created by the user, that provide immediate access to the meanings in one’s birth chart of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects – the stuff of astrology.

Specific questions that are addressed to the key phrases that the reader/seeker has created initiate a process of dynamic interaction and are based on the idea that the reader/seeker already has the answers to these questions inside them. This idea is akin to the basic psychotherapeutic premise that the practitioner never tells their client what they are like or what to do but asks questions that elicit the client’s innate self-awareness. This is known as ‘clean’ psychology as it avoids the practitioner’s own personal agenda getting in the way.

Having utilized these two methods the user can then apply them, safely, to other individuals and their birth charts.

Excerpt: Venus & Neptune – The Lovers

We now enter the Realm of the Heart. Following upon The Lights and The Links, we now encounter The Lovers. I call them The Lovers as they are essentially both about the expression and experience of that which makes life worth living in an emotional, sensual, artistic and/or spiritual way.

In the context of the planetary pairs or octaves that are the subject of Exercises 4 to 12, Venus, as the lower octave here, is a personal sense of love, expressed as affection, beauty, value, attractiveness, pleasure, art, etc. while Neptune is its higher octave, that is, a universal sense of love, or compassion, inspiration, peace and upliftment born of a sensitivity and attunement to higher or finer dimensions.

So, Venus shows how we may give form to whatever makes life agreeable, enjoyable or satisfying, while Neptune is calling us all from a metaphysical level towards something of transcendental meaning that goes beyond personal satisfaction into the transformative realms of healing, imagination (channelling) and at-one-ment.

As pointed out earlier, it will be found that the Profiling of this, and the other planetary pairs, is rather like tuning an instrument. The lower octave resonates with the higher octave thereby properly attuning you to these planetary energies. In the case of Neptune and Venus, one product of this attunement could be the creation of a more romantic sense of life which sees something or someone, or everything and everyone, as sacred and as living out some meaningful role in some great myth. However, because this ‘romance’ is so enchanting and longed for, such attunement can be illusory and eventually disappointing. A case of true romance or fanciful romance. And yet ‘all roads lead to Rome’, for suffering romantic Venus & Neptune illusions is all on the way to finding the real thing: selfless love, which is the essence of Neptune. One could say that suffering is the way to love, but not the way of love. We have to fall in love in order to eventually ascend to a higher expression of love. And note here how the meanings of Venus and Neptune can intertwine, Lovers that they are!

With Venus and Neptune we also need to consider more the issue of worth. Venus is worth translated into attractive, pleasurable or valuable objects, one of which includes money, that great and terrible symbol of worth itself. Venus is also self-worth or talent. Neptune is worth of an intangible kind, such as imagination; a worth that is priceless and free all at the same time. This could all be summed up as with the song title Can’t Buy Me Love, the ultimate realization and denouement of the Venus/Neptune story – Love and Peace, no less.

So with Profiling Venus and Neptune, this is like one scale of values or description of love harmonizing, or not, with another scale and description. Again though, be aware that there can be cross-talk between any planetary pair, for example the Moon and Mars, something which we will explore in Dynamic Interactive Astrology – Level Two – The Aspects.

So you may now begin Profiling VENUS and then proceed when ready to Profiling NEPTUNE as you did with Mercury and Uranus previously and with the Sun and Moon before that. The Lovers being what they are, you may find it advantageous to Profile both before you offer up just the one of them. This is because you may find how the Profiling of the one affects your Profiling of the other. This means that you may find that you need to edit what you have done for Venus after inner promptings felt through doing Neptune – and vice versa.


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lyn birkbeck
Lyn Birkbeck began his working life as a musician and record producer and has now been a widely-consulted astrologer for over 20 years. He is the best-selling author of "Do It Yourself Astrology," "The Astrological Oracle," "The Instant Astrologer" and "Astro-Wisdom." Lyn lives in the Lake District, UK.

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