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Reiki’s Highest Potential is an open, honest and informative book which explores the origins and healing practices of Original Usui Reiki, both Eastern and Western philosophies. It follows the method/practice that was developed, used and taught by Mikao Usui and how Reiki learning has evolved into what is now taught globally. This book teaches the reader how to use Reiki healing to cleanse energy blocks which cause disease and imbalance within the physical, mental, emotional and energy/spiritual bodies. It takes the reader on a journey through the three degrees, giving them the tools/techniques to heal themselves and to find their highest potential.

The author, a Reiki Master herself, wrote this book for all those interested in Reiki healing – from new comers who don’t know what Reiki is to Reiki students/Masters. This book is also useful for people who are interested in well-being, mindfulness, meditations or breathing techniques to calm the mind when anxious or going through trauma.

Each of the three degrees contain both the Eastern and Western philosophies and practices, all the basic information, meditations, exercises and practical uses. Included is how the cleansing process works after being attuned to each degree, and how this cleansing can literally change your mind set and release hidden trauma and disease.

But the book does not end with the Master Degree. Throughout each degree, the author writes about her personal journey through each Reiki Degree, how the cleansing process changed her view of herself, and how it guided her to discover who she was and how to reach her highest potential at a particular moment in her life. The journey continues with her becoming a professional Reiki Practitioner and Reiki Teacher, using her experience to give an honest account of how to grow into these positions with confidence, whilst making a few mistakes along on the way.

The book finishes with additional symbols that the author connects to and how her Reiki healing has continued since taking her Master Degree ten years ago, allowing her to continue growing, evolving and finding her place in healing.

This book is a guide on how to use Reiki to heal yourself – be it your mental and/or emotional life to improve your career, personal relationships, physical issues or your personal energy/spiritual life to gain more perspective on who you are on a deeper level so you may reach your highest potential.

Excerpt: Finding my Highest Potential with Reiki

What I’ve found throughout my personal Reiki journey is how resourceful Reiki actually is. Whenever I have troubles, a physical issue or feel out of sorts, I turn to Reiki. Whenever I feel negative energy in a situation or a location or with a group of people, I turn to Reiki. Whenever I need lifting I cocoon myself in a Reiki bubble. I give myself 21-day Reiki cleanses whenever I feel a need to connect on a deeper level or if I’m dealing with pain or dis-ease. It’s now in my psyche as the go-to resource. Reiki in many ways is my companion, my teacher and, to be fair, my reality checker or arse kicker.

However, and I cannot stress this enough, if I need to see a medical expert, I do, and I will take any medicine that the doctors see fit because they are the medical experts. Yes, I include Reiki in all or any healing that I need. I believe that Reiki will benefit any healing required, by clearing away any blocked energy, and that it works hand in hand with medicine to improve my health and well-being.

Reiki is, however, more than just a companion to any medicine I receive. Reiki has given me the tools to really accept myself and, alongside the Five Principles of Reiki, has taught me to evolve and grow whenever I’ve needed to. The Five Principles of Reiki have taught me that self-love and self-discipline go hand in hand together. Loving and taking care of myself is something that I still battle with, but it has also made me very aware of the fact that I alone am responsible for my actions, words, life. Without the tools of Reiki, I have no idea where I would be right now, but I do know that I would probably be living and working in toxic environments and still have toxic relationships. Reiki has allowed me to remove the dis-ease, the drama, and the behaviour patterns that kept me in trauma.

At each point of my life since I first learned Reiki, I have had to grow to be the person I needed to be at that particular point in my life. I’ve had to find my highest potential at that moment in time and it’s not been an easy ride, but it’s allowed me to see who I really am, flaws and all, and that has given me the tools to grow into what I needed to be.

Reiki has allowed me to slowly but surely remove all the layers that I thought the world had put on me to conform to. Reiki has allowed me to see that I only belong to me and I am responsible for me. I love my partner and family, but they don’t belong to me and I don’t belong to them. I and they are our own unique little cosmic beings with our own unique paths. Reiki has given me the tools to recognise myself, accept myself and fall in love with myself and to treat all others as I now treat myself – with respect, with love, with kindness.

But also I’ve come to realise that I no longer fear walking away from anything or anyone that feels negative to me. I no longer feel guilt over putting myself first and being selfish in such a way as to keep negativity away from me. I no longer look for acceptance, because I’m not afraid any more of being different or standing alone. Of course I do still get the odd doubt now and then, but I have the tools to overcome that.

Now, I’m in a place where I’m growing again, where my body is changing and I physically feel older, slightly broken, but it’s OK because I still feel young at heart. I’m learning constantly about the world around me and also about me, how much I’m changing as I come to another era of my life, and I look to what future I have with a keenness I never felt before – probably because as we age, we do stop caring so much about what others think or do. I just want to live out my life with my partner in a quiet, happy space, on my terms, and I’m willing to fight for my terms.

I won’t always be a professional Reiki Practitioner, but Reiki will always be my go-to resource for any cleansing or healing I require. Reiki allows me to love, to give, to be grateful, to recognise my strengths and weaknesses, and to understand myself and my place in the universe. Reiki will be to me what I need it to be, always for my highest good, to be my own unique highest potential.


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You can purchase “Reiki’s Highest Potential” at Hunt Publishing or on Amazon.

sarina korotane
Sarina Korotane is a born healer who has spent her life researching and exploring different healing paths. Sarina found Reiki over ten years ago and then went on to become a Reiki Master. She has Indian heritage but was born and bred British and identifies as a Witch. Her background has enabled her to adapt and see beyond cultural stereotypes to find her unique way of helping others deal with trauma and disease to enhance healing. Before setting up her own Reiki business, The Reiki Studio, Sarina worked in various careers, often in stressful and toxic positions. She had to learn to deal with trauma in both her work and personal life. It was Reiki healing that enabled her to learn how to heal herself and in turn help others. Today she's a woman with much knowledge and experience but still laughs at life, knowing she still has so much more to learn. She feels that now is the right time for her to share the Reiki she practices so others can learn to heal themselves.

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