The Divine

No one is free from the chaos or the mess.

But finding the tranquility and peace

amidst the complexities of this Life

these challenges taking us on quite a ride

while discovering clarity so bright.

This is the Divine you at work inside.

Your divinity is showing when tested.

Nothing needs to be removed or added.

This is accurately and wonderfully you

and the realization that your soul

and Life’s soul, Divine’s soul, God’s soul –

However you want to word it –

You are one in the same.

renee avard furlow
Renee Furlow is a seasoned writer and offers spiritually-based services as the “Unique-tivity Guide” on her blog where she shares her writings and reflections.  Currently, she has two short eBooks available on Amazon, with more planned and is writing her poetic memoir, due out September 2022. To find out more, visit her website.

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