Life is more

Life is more than what you think.
You eat some pie. You see some shrink.
There’s lots to be grateful for
And yet so much to abhor, too.

Life is more than what you do.
You cry at work. You somehow get through.
There’s tasks to be done
And yet fun’s left to have, too.

Life is more than you.
You get grey and old. You die, too.
There’s a planet and humanity still
And yet some time to kill.

rochi zalanijpg
Rochi is a staff writer at Elite Content Marketer who relishes fresh poetry. She talks about books, poems and the troubles of everyday life on her website.
If you believe there is nothing that cannot be cured by some Mary Oliver poetry or a F.R.I.E.N.D.S episode, subscribe to her weekly newsletter

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