Halo askew
Wings – slightly ruffled
Stains on a wrinkled white robe
Try as I might
To do all thing right
I’m fallen
Not whiter than snow

But here’s the truth, darling
Now listen quite closely
Perfection is not what you’re seeking
It’s truth and compassion
And maybe some action
and for that
A Fallen Angel’s
Worth keeping

Victoria Fritz
Victoria Fritz has been a logophile for all of her life. Her love of words evolved into a love of writing poetry in the last two years. Never having been a poetry reader (until now!), Victoria finds writing in poetic form a natural way to process and express her inner workings and is hopeful that some of what she writes resonates with others. If you enjoy her work, you can check her out on Instagram. Victoria tries to post daily, but also tries to be gentle with herself when that doesn't happen. Some days she is kinder to herself than others, but with inspiration from Kind Over Matter it's getting easier.

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