Be Aware of your Thoughts…they are a Prediction of your Future

Did you know that when we have a thought; just a mere though in our minds, that we have already created it?  It already exists and it is our job to take action to bring it to fruition.

Wallace Wattles in “The Science of Being Great” (which was written in 1910 – I find it fascinating that this was written over a 100 years ago and it is so simple) says, “If you desire a thing, picture it clearly and hold the picture steadily in the mind until it becomes a definite thought form…the thing you want will come to you in material form. Make a thought form as you desire to be and set your ideal as near to perfection as your imagination is capable of forming the conception. As the thought form grows more definite and habitual in your mind the creative energies both within and without are set at work. You begin to manifest the form from within and all the essentials from without which go into the picture begin to be impelled toward you. Nothing can prevent you from becoming what you wish to be.”

Mike Dooley from his book “Leveraging the Universe” says, “We need only to hoist our sails so they can then be filled with life’s magical winds.” He goes on to say, “…we must take BABY steps towards our dreams.” We have power over our illusions (which are our thoughts). “This power of over our illusions stems from the fact that our thoughts literally, eventually and unfailingly become the things and events of our lives. THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS.”

Our thoughts literally have a life force of their own. Our thoughts are incredibly powerful. Whatever situation you are in right now; whatever your results are in this very moment were actually created by you. This is a difficult concept to grasp. Most of us think that outside circumstances contribute to our results, yet they do not. I understand if you do not buy into this way of thinking right away, but once you do, and once you fully take responsibility for your thoughts, you will see your life change dramatically – for the better.taking

This is not a 1-2 punch and you are done. You see, we have thoughts that sometimes are so unconscious that we do not even realize that we are thinking them. For example, if you have a thought about your dream job, or dream career situation and it is not coming to fruition, you most likely also have an unconscious thought or two rattling around in your mind. Thoughts like: you do not deserve this job, or you aren’t good enough for it, or that someone else can do this better than you can. And in turn, you are in direct conflict with your original desire. Do you understand how this is working? You are literally running on a treadmill getting nowhere – this is where our dreams and desires are in direct conflict with our unconscious thoughts. Yikes!

In order to overcome this conflict you will need to create a process of Mastering your Mind. Allow your unconscious mind to take over and develop a Leadership mindset that says, “I know what I want, I created this thought – it exists in the world already and I am the only one standing in the way of making it happen.” (Mike Dooley) That is taking responsibility. The next steps are learning how to Master our Minds and creating that vision and action plan to get there – with baby steps.

How do we begin to Master our Mind?

Think about a dream you have – a career dream or other aspiration. That desire is a “conscious” thought. Sit with that thought and think about it truly coming to fruition. What other “silent” thoughts arise? Are there little or big voices telling you all the reasons why you CANNOT attain this objective? If you begin to hear those little voices (I call them “career killers”) you will see that “unconsciously” you have a conflict going on inside of you. So, what can you do?

Just becoming aware of this is quite powerful. You can catch yourself more and more often. You can also start to ponder on why your unconscious mind is telling you that you cannot have something you desire. Many times it is because someone in your past had said this, and in turn it became your own silent little voice now.

Lastly, know that you have the power to create whatever it is you desire and dream for your career. Your “will” is stronger than your silent “career killer” voice lurking in the shadows. Rise up and create your thoughts – because as I said at the start – your thoughts become things. Just be extremely aware of what you are actually thinking because those thoughts (all of them) are predicting your future!

Joanne Newborn
Joanne Newborn is a Certified Lifestyle & Leadership Coach with her company, Newborn Evolution, and an Executive Coach with Fortune Management, bringing over 15 years of experience in the Corporate landscape in Sales, Marketing & Management. Joanne has her MBA from Penn State University, graduating with Beta Gamma Sigma honors. She guides career focused individuals who feel frustrated, unfulfilled and stressed out to become empowered leaders so they can attain their dream career with ideal salary and a luxurious, guilt-free work/life balance. If you would like inspiration please follow her Facebook page. You can also find many leadership resources on her website. Joanne is grateful for nearly everything.

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