Prior to last night, I didn’t know beauty could awaken me.

She woke me with a firm but gentle touch,
A fingertip of moonlight brushing my eye lids.
Groggy, I reluctantly opened my eyes to discover what culprit had disturbed my dreams,
only to find moonlight draped across my pillow like the long, silver hair of a lover.
I followed the path of light it had laid out for me
and caught my breath when I saw that the cedars were not just illuminated by its glow,
but rather were robed in it, like King and Queen of the Night.
Only now do I see why the tops of the trees are called crowns.

The fox, not one to be left out,
added his voice to the beauty of the night,
calling first from a distance,
then from directly below my window.
A traveling bard performing for their Majesties,
spinning tales of night’s mysteries.

How can one shut out such beauties and return to slumber?
I will never know. I chose to remain awakened to beauty.

Lynda Allen is first and foremost a listener. All of her work whether it's writing, art, creating Animal Wisdom Journals or leading meditation begins with deep listening. Lynda listens to her own inner knowing and wisdom, the natural world and the still, small voice of the Divine in the silence. She listens. Then she creates. In all of her creations she strives to inspire others to open their hearts and embrace their journey, both the dark and the light, with gentleness, love and joy. Her new collection of poetry and essays "Grace Reflected" is now available. You can learn more about the many offerings of Lynda’s heart at her website.

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