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“Big Wishes for Little Feat” is a magical tale about facing the challenges life throws your way. And so it is with a horse named Lafitte De Muze (“Little Feat” as he is later nicknamed) and a young girl named Ella. Ella and Lafitte live on opposite sides of the world but are eventually brought together on the same path by a bit of fate, their love and awe of the beautiful stars above, Ella’s quirky Aunt Anastasia and one special shooting star. Lafitte’s lessons come early as he has to learn to overcome disappointments and turn disappointments into achievements. He rises to the occasion with determination and by not letting anything get in his way. Ella, who is very bright and has an inquisitive mind (along with an adventurous spirit), faces an unexpected journey – one that will change the course of her life forever. The story unfolds in the Kingdom of Belgium in the countryside where Lafitte is born and Ella’s Aunt Anastasia resides. “Big Wishes for Little Feat” is about building confidence, overcoming obstacles and believing in yourself. Any age reader will find themselves inspired by this unique tale, but this is an especially special story for those who have a fondness for the magic of horses.

Lafitte De Muze is a real show horse, a Belgian Warmblood that the author purchased a few years ago and brought to the States. He is a humble guy with a can-do spirit and a sparkle in his eyes. Lafitte quickly developed a special bond with his rider, Amanda Steege, who along with her crew, make him shine both in and out of the show ring. Lafitte’s prize monies are donated to the EQUUS Foundation which is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of America’s horses and fostering the bond between horses and humans.


Aunt Anastasia already knew this was the horse for Ella. He had kind eyes and was the perfect size. “My darling Ella,” she said. “Would you like to have this horse as your very own?” Tears filled Ella’s eyes. She wrapped her arms around Lafitte’s neck. She hadn’t felt this happy since she had left her home. The horse nuzzled against her, and his eyes shone. She could tell that he was oh-so-very happy, too. “Yes, Aunt Anastasia,” said Ella, “I would love nothing more than to have this sweet horse as my very own.”

Cheryl Olsten Pic From Pg. 37

Illustrator Paolo d’Altan was born in Milan, Italy, where he works and lives with his human and feline family. He has worked in Italy for advertising agencies, magazines and publishers of children’s books and classic novels. He has established himself among the leading Italian illustrators. He served as president of the Italian Association of Illustrators and his work has been featured in international exhibitions and illustration annuals.


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Cheryl Olsten
Cheryl Olsten is the former publisher of two New Jersey magazines - "New Jersey Life" and "New Jersey Life Health and Beauty." She resides in Pennsylvania with her husband. Their three grown children are living their happy lives in different parts of the globe. This is her first children’s book, with others to follow.

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