Seize Today

with thanks to J.G.


I meet Charlie in the dreamspace
He’s been dead these twenty years

I say Hey, how’s it going?
and he hands me a cold beer

We shoot the breeze about his liquor store
and his Boston triple-decker

He bought cheap, worked hard, got rich:
his generation hit it right.

At 65, he cashed out for a cool million
and headed home to Georgia.

Finally time to do what I want:
his future stretched out bright

But only as far as Virginia
where he stopped at a motel
and his heart stopped in his sleep
and sent him here.

Charlie shakes his head as he tells me:
 A million bucks in my pocket!

I can see it, as I take another swig:
A blue check in a pair of brown pants, thrown over a chair.

Charlie says for ages he was angry
About everything he didn’t get to see and do

But now he thinks: It’s a great story
And maybe that’s what I was sent to do

To tell you life’s short, don’t waste it working!
And his face is all wrinkles as he laughs

And as I wake up, I think: Make today a great one
‘Cause Charlie died for you

Kimberly Gladman Jackson is the author of Materfamilias (Tandeta Books, 2018) and Tesseract (Finishing Line Press, 2016).
You can connect with her on her website.

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