After a morning of mourning Steve.

Are there enough tears yet?
How many will it take?
So far, as best we can tell, just for today,
because tomorrow there will be more,
thousands more,
there are 760,213 people who have died.
That’s equivalent to the entire population
of a small country, like Cape Verde
or Iceland,
all gone.

If there was only one person who loved each one
of those 760,213
and each of those people only shed two tears
(one from each eye),
that would already be
1,520,426 tears.
But what are the odds really
that each person was only loved by one
(can you count how many love you?)
and that they each only shed two tears?
Let’s be generous then, and say each of the
760,213 were loved by five others.
It’s apparently impossible to count
the number of tears shed in times of grief
so, I will underestimate and say
that in just one day
those who are grieving can shed 50 tears.
The math isn’t that difficult (with a calculator)
50 tears times 5 mourners times 760,213 loved ones lost.
The result is difficult:
190,053,250 tears.
And I think it’s safe to say that’s a gross understatement.

Are there enough tears yet?
Are 190,053,250 tears enough?
Enough to drown out
the sorrow,
the sound of grief,
the voices of naysayers,
the promises and lies of politicians,
the voices raised with empty thoughts and prayers,
the cries of “You can’t make me,”
the cries of loss and rage and fear.
How many tears to wash the earth clean,
to fill the chasms,
to soothe the grieving,
to erase the borders and divisions,
to heal the families,
to make us drift toward each other,
to create the wave that lifts us
and carries us forward?
Today, I pray that 190,053,250 tears are enough.
Tomorrow, I fear, may raise the count.

* Numbers as of 8/14/20

Lynda Allen sees herself as a life in progress. Her personal mission is to be the purest expression of love that she can be. How that expresses is ever evolving and deepening. One of the profound ways that love moves through Lynda is in the form of words. She helps hearts to shift through sharing her writings, words, art and jewelry. Lynda has written of three collections of poetry, "Rest in the Knowing," "Illumine" and "Wild Divinity," along with a novel, "Sight to See" and a nonfiction book, "The Rules of Creation." Her new collection of poetry "Grace Reflected" will be released this year and she is in the midst of writing a new novel! In all of her work Lynda strives to inspire others to open their hearts and embrace their journey, both the dark and the light, with joy. You can learn more about the many offerings of her heart at her website www.lyndaallen.net.

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