Book Giveaway Winner!!

Suzanne Askham has graciously agreed to give a signed hard copy of her book “This One is Special” to one lucky KOM reader.

Congratulations to Carolsue Anderson.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this contest.

Look for more giveaways on Kind Over Matter!

Suzanne Askham
Suzanne Askham is a writer, editor and author of several books. A former consumer magazine and national newspaper journalist, she is currently the editor of Spiritus, the membership magazine of The NFSH Healing Trust, where she is also a trustee. She runs her own holistic practice which focuses on healing and meditation. Suzanne is a mother of two, including a young man with profound and multiple learning disabilities. Suzanne graduated with a degree in English from Trinity College, Cambridge. She lives with her family in Wiltshire, UK. You can find her on Facebook. Suzanne's book "This One is Special" is published by O-Books.

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