Tune into yourself

Now, more than ever: Tune into yourself.

Acknowledge the feelings you find there,
never shame yourself into silence,
know that having feelings is neither right nor wrong,
they just are and they are important.

Please for all that is beautiful and glorious –
allow yourself to feel anything you find right now –
even if it is sadness, anger or frustration –
all feelings lead the way for awareness to surprise us,
process your feelings.

Write your heart out.

Remind yourself you have had bad days before
and you have gotten through them
because you are still here, and last,
but definitely not least,remember to love yourself
and have positive light shining from you
at every chance you have.

Renee Furlow is a seasoned writer and offers spiritually-based services as the “Unique-tivity Guide” on her blog at the link below where she shares her writings and reflections. Her site is also home to the “Magic Musepirations” where others’ work is displayed and published monthly. Currently, she has two short eBooks available on Amazon, with more planned and is writing her poetic memoir, due out in 2019. To find out more, visit her website.

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