Life: Under Construction

Ever hit one of those periods in your life where you feel like caution tape is in order? Maybe you’re intentionally making some big shifts or maybe life has thrown some curve balls your way. Regardless of the cause, those periods of major flux can make you feel like something’s wrong with you.

There is NOTHING wrong with you when your life is under construction.

Read that again!

Some (ahem, me) would argue that a life that’s not under some sort of construction is kinda boring! I’m all for some nice periods of being comfortable and feeling like everything is floating along, but stasis can be dangerous. Very few people have the same job for their entire life. Very few people live in the same house their entire life. Sure that works for some; but if you’re here you’re probably someone who is at least a little big excited by the idea of growth.

I know those phases of growth feel hard. You have my support and empathy for all of those times! Who doesn’t have my support are the people who make you feel wrong for being in one of those phases. So, if you’re feeling like you’re doing something wrong by growing, shifting or changing – this one’s for you.

Picture yourself 5 years ago. What’s different now that you’d like to celebrate?
Now, picture yourself 5 years in the future. What does that wise version of you want you to know? What does that future self think about the current construction?

My guess is that the future version of you is cheering you on. That self is beckoning you to keep going. Whatever you’re going through – that wise self wants you to keep moving forward. That self knows how difficult it can be when those around you don’t understand and you start to feel like you’re doing something wrong.

Stick with us (me & that wise future you). Keep going. Trust yourself and deepen the connection with the ones in your life who support you – construction and all.

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