Status Effect

This poem was inspired by a conversation with my son about the video game Minecraft.

There’s speed and slowness
Invisibility and blindness
Fire resistance, water breathing –
So you don’t drown, my son explains.

There’s haste and nausea
Poison and wither
Hunger, weakness, instant damage
And bad luck – don’t I know it.

But also health boosts
Levitation and conduit power
Not to mention my favorite: dolphin’s grace
With that you can swim swiftly, safely
And even under water, find your way.

We go third person:

And see ourselves
Our situation
Not the greatest
But not the worst:
It’s just survival mode.

And if we keep on mining
For diamonds, lapis, redstone
We might wind up enchanted
Or at the very least, build a new world.

So he keeps playing
And I keep praying.

For golems of snow and of iron
To protect us from all hostile mobs
For someone to give me the totem of undying
And shoot me an arrow of strength.

Kimberly Gladman Jackson is the author of Materfamilias (Tandeta Books, 2018) and Tesseract (Finishing Line Press, 2016).
You can connect with her on her website.

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