Book Giveaway and Excerpt: Kindness Matters: Sharing Bees

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Please enjoy this excerpt from “Kindness Matters: Sharing Bees” – a children’s book by Antoinette Clark.

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“Kindness Matters: Sharing Bees” teaches young kids the importance of spreading kindness. With a strong focus on sharing, Clark’s book proves that anyone can be a hero, even the buzzing bees.

In Honeycomb City, Sadie and her friends happily buzz from flower to flower, collecting nectar and pollen to bring back to the honeycomb. When they suddenly spot storm clouds in the distance, Sadie suggests that everyone share the heavy load so they can fly back to the hive before the rain starts. Sadie returns to the hive where the Queen Bee praises her selfless leadership and bravery.

Releasing on Earth Day 2019, Kindness Matters: Sharing Bees will not only show young children examples of selfless kindness, but also teach them the important role of bees in helping spring flowers come to life each year.

Excerpt #1

“We can make if back to Honeycomb City if we work together,” Sadie said to all of the bees who were buzzing nervously around her.

“Sadie is right!” Gabby said. “Let’s share our pollen and nectar so that everyone has a light load.”

“Great idea Sadie” Gabby said. “This way, we can all fly much faster and get back home before the rain begins.”

Excerpt #2:

“Whew! We buzzed home just in time,” Sadie said.

“Great job worker bees!” said QueenBee. “I am so proud of you for sharing your pollen so you could make it home safely.”

“Thank you QueenBee!” the bees buzzzzzzzed.

“I see that you even found white clover to share with all of the baby bees,” QueenBee smiled.

“Sharing makes us happy,” Sadie said.


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Antoinette Clark is the president and CEO of Shoulders of Strength, Inc. an agency providing counseling services to people of all ages as well as support coordination services for those with developmental delays and disabilities. Clark and her staff have been helping those in need at Shoulders of Strength for over 14 years. She is the author of the Kindness Matters Series, born from her belief in the power of kindness and helping others. For more on the work Clark is doing, visit

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