What are you not giving yourself?

I was asked this question recently and it really stuck with me.

Years ago the answers would have been kindness, compassion, rest, understanding – pretty much anything I had gotten really good at giving to others!

When I was recently asked what I’m not giving myself, it gave me pause. I realized that I had been assuming that I was pretty good at giving myself what I need, but that I had also been feeling a little bit stuck in some areas.

Maybe you’re in a similar spot – feeling a little stuck in some area of life but not sure why because you’re also pretty proud of the progress you’ve already made. As I said a few weeks ago, two things can be true at once.

Maybe this question of what are you not giving yourself is making you think like it made me think. So what do we do next? Here’s what I’m doing. I’m looking at the areas of life that feel a little stuck, through this lens. What would it mean to give myself a more regular exercise practice? What would it look like to let myself use my voice more?

All of this is to say that sometimes the progress we make can also be a place where we get a little stuck…and that is TOTALLY OK! In fact, it’s probably the most normal, human place to be. Use all of the progress you’ve made and offer yourself a fresh look at your current situation. What’s some place you feel a little stuck? How can you look at that place through the lens of giving yourself something else?

If you need me, I’ll be playing with what it means to give myself a more regular exercise practice! Never ever has that been the way I’ve approached moving my body and I’m pretty excited to give it a try.

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