Do Something for You

You were probably never taught to listen to what you want. Most of us follow a pretty similar path to the people around us without thinking too much about it.

Fast forward 10, 20 or more years and you start hearing everyone talking about a midlife crisis. What if the midlife crisis is actually the first time any of us has ever listened to what we want? What if it’s the time that we question the why behind what we do and really consider if it makes us happy?o tree

So many times I hear people telling me about their accomplishments and successes, and there’s no joy in it. They’ve done all the things that they’re “supposed” to do, but still don’t feel the way they’d expected to feel. Instead, they feel burnt out, empty and dull.

There’s not a magic cure, but there are some really powerful baby steps you can take. The first place to start is doing something for yourself. If you aren’t even sure what that would be, get curious. What did you love to do when you were younger? What brought you joy in the past? For some it’s nature, for some it’s music, for some we start as small as savoring a piece of chocolate. Whatever you can start with, start there.

When life is feeling gray instead of brightly colored.

When nothing seems exciting or interesting.

When you can’t remember the last time something really felt fun.

Do something for you.

As you start to do little things, your life will begin to have more colors. The grays will include reds and blues. Things will impact you again, and you might even find yourself seeking out more things for you.

Start small, but start. You’re too important not to.

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