13 Simple Ways to Make Life Easier!

  1. Trouble keeping track of whether the dishwasher is clean or dirty?

Place a small juice glass in the top rack of the dishwasher – right side up. If it has water in it, the dishwasher is clean and ready to empty. If it is empty (because you dumped it out when you emptied the clean dishwasher), the dishwasher is dirty and ready to be further loaded or run. With so many people of dish-washing age in our house, this is crucial! And with a stainless dishwasher, the old standard of a clean/dirty magnet is a no-go.

  1. Wonder what is REALLY worth the price at the dollar store?

Pregnancy tests! They are just as accurate as the $17 drug store tests! I looked into it. Can you believe that!?
Reading glasses. I need at least one pair per room and my eyes keep changing, so expensive glasses are no good!
Sugar dispensers. I love baker’s twine. It’s great for gift wrapping and any time you need string. Dispensing it through the sugar shaker keeps it tidy and contained, and it’s so cute!

  1. Unruly wrapping paper?

Place a slap bracelet around each roll. You can get a dozen of these on Amazon for $9.45, but you probably have some hanging around the house from kid party favors.

  1. Need to push pause on a paint project?

Place the brush in a zip lock bag in the refrigerator. Pull it out hours later and keep on painting!

  1. Love fresh cut flowers but hate their short life?

Buy alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies). They last every bit of 2 weeks, come in multiple colors, are inexpensive and every grocery store carries them.

  1. Ever think the world is just too loud?

Carry disposable ear plugs in your purse. They are handy when trying to work in a cafe or stay sane in a waiting room with a screaming baby. Even though they are “disposable,” you can reuse them multiple times.

  1. Have a grease stain that escaped notice and went through the dryer?

Squirt a dab of dish soap on it and rewash. Never fails me!

  1. Feel like there is too much bulk when you wear jeans and tall boots?

Wear your summer capri jeans with your boots. No one can tell, it extends your winter wardrobe and it is so much less hot and bulky!

  1. Ever walk into a room and then forget why you went in there?

Turn around and walk back through the doorway and it’ll come back to you. The visual trigger somehow surfaces the memory.

  1. Scraping out a pumpkin ruining your autumn joy?

Use a bent back wide-edged spoon to scrape out pumpkin innards. So quick, clean and easy on the hand. Decreases the amount of elbow grease needed considerably! The Dollar store has cheap serving spoons that work perfectly. I discovered this by accident once. My spoon bent while scraping out my pumpkin and voila! We’ve been using it every year since!

  1. Don’t like to leave your hair straightener or curling iron out to let it cool?

Put a spare oven mitt in your drawer. Slide the hot iron right into the oven mitt and keep your countertop clear.

  1. Ever have a last-minute ironing emergency?

Use your hair straightening iron to iron a drawstring, collar or hemline lickety split.

  1. Frustrated with things sticking when baking?

Parchment paper is a miracle. I NEVER bake without it. I used to make my famous toffee bars without it and they would stick and break and crumble while coming off of the pan. It drove me crazy! If you cover your pan or baking dish all the way up the sides with parchment paper, after baking you just lift it out and it cuts beautifully!

I am Joanne Jarrett, a family physician turned stay at home mom and blogger. I am currently developing a women's lounge-wear line called "Shelfies" that will revolutionize what we wear in the No-Bra-Zone. To follow the journey and to receive a secret code for free shipping, zip over to my website.

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