Do You Really Have to Earn It?

I want to turn the idea of “earning” on its head.

You don’t have to earn a day off.
You don’t have to earn dessert.
You don’t have to earn fun, or joy or fulfillment.

We have this idea that we’ve got to do all the hard things, or all the things on everyone’s list, BEFORE we can do anything else.

I’m no different. This mentality is almost drilled into us, and I want to turn it on its head.

What if you simply deserved those things? What if you approached rest, fun, fulfillment and joy as things that you deserved instead of things you had to earn? Can you imagine how different life would feel?

As I’ve said before, I’m not advocating for upending your entire life or running away from home! What I am doing is inviting you to consider things in a new way.
I’m inviting you to challenge that voice that tells you you can only call it a day when you’re too exhausted to keep working.
I’m inviting you to question the idea that life has to be a grind and joy is fleeting.
I’m imploring you to look for ways to incorporate meaning into every day; to find fun in the little moments; to rest when you truly need it…not only when you’ve done enough things to feel that you’ve earned it.

You deserve all of these things already.

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