Life can be Hard but Love Can Be Easy

A few weeks ago something amazing happened…I fell in love at first sight.

Yes I am already married. This is not THAT kind of love.   😉

You know how the craziest things have the wackiest beginnings? Well your friendly neighborhood Life Coach had to pee. (Was that too much info? Because we all pee, don’t we?) When in the middle of a mall one of the best places to do that is Dillard’s. So off I went to find the Ladies Room.

Seriously. I thought it was a quick stop on the way to the rest of my day. But God had other plans.

So there I was in Dillard’s wearing uncomfortable shoes which really became even more uncomfortable while walking past the shoe section. I did not go there to buy shoes. I went there to visit the Ladies Room.

But once that was done, there were ALL THOSE SHOES! So, I took a quick look, which became a longer look, which turned into asking the lovely Shoe Attendant (is that a thing?) to see 4 pairs of shoes in my size.

And then it happened. As I was trying on a pair of Eccos a beautiful older woman called out to me and said, “Come over here so I can tell you how beautiful you are.” And just like that I was in love!

I asked her name, she asked what I do and we were off to the races. As it turns out, this wise beautiful black woman’s name is Zandy, with a Z. She has a Doctorate in Education and is a grandmother and trailblazer from a little town called Dennison, Texas.

During her career she helped countless young people through a variety of programs in the public education system. I could tell from the way she spoke to me that she showered love on them every day – not for any reason other than she is a Love Showerer.

Bakers bake. Zandy with a Z loves people – even in the shoe section of Dillard’s for absolutely no reason.

We chatted for quite a while. She ended up buying the shoes I was trying on. (I got a very sensible, aka super comfortable, pair of Naturalizers, thank you very much.) Zandy taught me in that moment when she said, “Come here, let me tell you how beautiful you are.” that love can be easy.

We can just do it. We can just tell people how beautiful and powerful and strong and amazing they are. Or we can stay silent. We can think it but not actually do anything with that thought. How many times have you done that?

So today, I want to tell you: “Come here, let me tell you how beautiful you are.”

My challenge to you this week is to make love easy. How can you make it easier for yourself? How can you shower your love on someone else this week?

Maggie Reyes is a Master Certified Life Coach and Modern Marriage Mentor who helps high-achieving women develop confident communication and emotional mastery so they can have happier marriages. Her romantic-yet-practical approach to love has appeared in numerous publications including Brides, Bustle, Lifehacker, Martha Stewart Weddings and the nationally syndicated radio show Day Break USA. She is the founder of Modern Married.

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