The Discomfort of Not Doing

Maybe you’ve  heard the phrase, “You’re a human being, not a human doing.”
Maybe you rolled your eyes at it.

It’s totally cool. I’m an eye roller from way back. When I think something is corny or wrong, I can hardly stop myself from a good eye roll!

“What’s wrong with doing?” you might think. Absolutely nothing! I do a lot and I bet you do as well.

What I’m curious about is your motivation. Are you doing ‘all the things’ because you want to do them? Do you enjoy running around like a busy bee? Do you love being in constant motion? If you said “Yes” to all of these things, then HIGH FIVE!

If one or more of those questions made you think – or was a straight up “NO” – that’s where we start to look at the motivation behind the doing.

Here are some of the reasons you might keep doing ‘all the things’ even if you really don’t want to:
– You thrive on the appreciation you receive from others.
– You feel like you have to earn your rest/relaxation.
– You don’t want to let anyone down.
– You don’t want to upset anyone.

If you’re nodding your head at any of these, you’re not alone. I want to invite you into a theme that I’m playing with this Summer – making joy my self-kindness focus, and putting that first. Instead of having to earn rest/relaxation/fun, what if you put that first?

Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you stop going to work and abandon your household! I’m suggesting small tweaks. Can you go for a short walk before work, instead of waiting until the end of the day and then running out of time? Can you block out time for fun on the weekend before your schedule gets filled with chores and errands? Can you make decisions based on what feels better to you, instead of what someone else expects or what you feel you should do?

Give it a try. Some ways I’ve already practiced this is to intentionally set up 1 lunch date per week that brings me joy, committing to getting outside in some way every day, saying “Yes” to spontaneous new experiences like a Reiki session and a road trip!

Think about being a bit more than doing, even if it’s uncomfortable. Give it a try in some small ways this Summer and see how it feels to do *just* a bit less, and be *just* a bit more.

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