In Praise of the Average Woman

You’re not an astronaut, CEO or Nobel Prize winner.
You work in or outside the home.
You’re single or partnered.
You have kids or don’t.
You have pets or not.
You’re chasing dreams or you’re totally content.
You’re a good friend.
You’re a kind person.
You live a nice life.

…and you’re never celebrated


I was listening to a bunch of podcasts recently and they featured some pretty remarkable women – an astronaut on one and a CEO on another. These are amazing women and they’re rightfully being celebrated.


…they don’t make any of the rest of us any less amazing.

It got me thinking. I believe women often receive the message that to “stand out” or to be considered “successful” there has to be some sort of extraordinary accomplishment.

I could not disagree more! In fact, I believe that every woman deserves to be celebrated. Instead of going to the place of “I’m not X (good, special, talented, thin, smart, funny, courageous, etc.) enough, what if we not only celebrated each other, but celebrated ourselves? What if we celebrate ourselves for being amazing, extraordinary, average, every day women? What if we looked less for our failings and more for our accomplishments?

That’s my invitation to you this week. From one average extraordinary woman to another – look for 1 way to praise or celebrate yourself each day. Check back in with yourself in a week and see how different you feel.

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