A definition in ten flashes

1.  Aporetic; that is, inclined to doubt or raise objections. From a Platonic dialogue, the Meno, in which Socrates pauses frequently to ask his listeners questions about what virtue is. They don’t come up with an answer, but they figure out that a whole lot of bullshit they’ve heard their whole lives is not true.

2.  Vocally and intensely opposed to widely tolerated forms of injustice, especially those affecting women. As in, “I don’t know why she said that was sexist. She must be menopausal.”

3.  Able to view men as potentially delightful sexual partners to whom, however, one has no obligation, and who need not occupy the forefront of one’s consciousness. As in, “Men? Oh.” (Pause)

4.  Engaged in an existence-altering transformation of priorities (colloquially termed “change of life”) in which one’s spiritual, creative and physical needs are suddenly and vigorously asserted, especially in the face of attempts to deny them. As in, “Get me out of this crowd. I am taking this off, god dammit! I need some air.”

5.  Wakeful, at unexpected moments. Burning, from crown to bowels, but still lucidly dreaming with purpose and plan. As in, “Maiden was good, mother was better and that crone thing: hell yeah, bring it on.”


Kimberly Gladman Jackson is the author of Materfamilias (Tandeta Books, 2018) and Tesseract (Finishing Line Press, 2016).
You can connect with her on her website.

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