Icy Heart of Winter

The wise text speaks of stillness, of being bare, being stripped to your essence,
like the winter trees.

What it doesn’t say is how to live with that feeling of nakedness.

How to be still and release as the winds strip each leaf away.

How to reconcile grief with the truth of change.

How to feel radiant in your raw essence, rather than exposed and alone.

How to find beauty in emptiness.

How to remember that you will again one day create and receive nourishment
with the return of the sun’s light and warmth.

How to allow the aching loneliness to be, without pushing it away,
without trying to fill it with noise.

How to remember that you are still rooted, still strong,
just resting before the next cycle of growth.

How to thaw the icy heart of winter.

Lynda Allen sees herself as a life in progress. Her personal mission is to be the purest expression of love that she can be. How that expresses is ever evolving and deepening. One of the profound ways that love moves through Lynda is in the form of words. She helps hearts to open through sharing those writings and words. She is the author of three collections of poetry, Rest in the Knowing, Illumine and Wild Divinity, a novel, Sight to See and a nonfiction book, The Rules of Creation. She is currently joyfully working on a new collection of poetry and essays titled Grace Reflected. Through all of her creations, Lynda strives to inspire others to open their hearts and embrace their journey, both the dark and the light, with joy. You can follow Lynda on her blog.

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