Fear is a Lukewarm Casserole

It came to me the other day that I was treating fear like a demi-god.

Ruthless. Fierce.

Strong. Uncouth.

And I saw that I was confuddling things unnecessarily.

And lumping these energies in to ill effect.

The simple father Fear that says,

“Yes, pay attention here. This curve is sharp.” Jumbled in with,

the whiny toddler Fear that says,

“Change is hard. And dangerous.” Coupled with

the obnoxious bully Fear that says,

“Who do you think you are to do this?”

And I realized it was my choice to co-mingle this fear like so much recycling.

And once I sorted them and kept the ones that served me,

I saw how paltry the remains were left by the wayside.

Desperate to remain relevant. Hungry to be seen.

And I felt sorry for them. This is the only job they know.


Steph left an over-achieving career supporting the US military after eleven years and eleven days to follow the call to become a coach and spiritual teacher. She helps entrepreneurs make sales sacred and craft their natural marketing method.

You can connect with Steph and see more of her writing on her website or on Instagram.

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