Practical Kindness

IT IS HERE!!! Practical Kindness has landed and now you can access kindness (and self-kindness!) anytime you need it.

This book is something I’ve wanted to do for several years, and seeing it out in the world is so, so exciting. Hearing people’s reactions and reading the reviews confirms that the world needs more kindness.

Practical Kindness has 4 sections and 52 chapters….just like a year has 4 seasons and 52 weeks. Start anytime, start anywhere. From the first section on self-kindness to the last (and longest!) section on life lessons, each chapter has an easily digestible dose of kindness. Whether you need help to stop overthinking or you’re having one-of-those-days where being kind to yourself feels impossible, Practical Kindness has the encouragement you’ll reach for time and time again.

If you hang out on Facebook, I’ll be going live on the KOM page around 5 or 5:30 Eastern tonight (Weds Jan 31) and have some fun bonuses! If Facebook isn’t your jam, drop me an email with a screen shot of your book order to get a free, bonus 20 minute companion audio with extended practices AND a coupon to download a FREE copy of my signature course, the Self Kindness Starter kit!

What folks are saying about Practical Kindness:

on January 21, 2018
You won’t find any woo-woo talk about how you’ll find true love and a million dollars if you say the right words and think the right thoughts. What you will find is a beautifully written (and yes, practical) book about how to gently guide yourself to acceptance and love. Ms. Heacock has pieced this book together into bite sized nuggets of wisdom that come to us as words from our best friend. At times those words come to us as the advice we give to others and yet forget ourselves, and at other times, her words just slam into us as the truth we were never able to put together in quite that way. This is the kind of book that has something new for you every time you read it and makes you want to come back to it again and again.
on January 27, 2018
Anything ‘live your better life’ both attracts me and makes me nervous. So much is too ‘out there’ and abstract, too filled with fairy dust for me or if not smelling with sage, it’s just too hard and daunting. I have more unfinished books on my shelves of these varieties than I care to admit.
This book I just reread the second time in one sitting. It is deceptively simple, but layered and nuanced. Most of all it is, as it promises, practical. I came away with some tips and no distasteful glitter on my clothes.
Lara gives you (me) the permission to flip around, find what resonates and leave the rest. A recovering perfectionist and not so recovering task master myself, this permission had huge value. There is a lot of permission and freedom in this book and its application is simple, even when the feelings are hard. And she supports you through the feelings along the way, almost as if she’s been there ?.
So what’s my proof?
I wanted to write a review for this for quite a bit now, and when I just reread the book again, I took a deep breath, allowed it did not need to be perfect and just wrote it.
That’s kind of a big deal.
on January 22, 2018
Lara is a balm for the soul – a person who shows us the kindness can show up in grand gestures and also in the little things. And perhaps more importantly, she tells us how being kind to others is a needed assist in being kind to ourselves. Loved this book!

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