Formulas Don’t Work; This Does

Last week we talked about why one-size-fits-all formulas don’t work.

You’d never shop in a store that only offered 1 size and style of shoe, and you’re starting to realize that the formulas you’ve tried in the past have been the problem. They’re the equivalent of a store with only 1 size and style of shoe. You didn’t fail, they just didn’t fit.

The one-size-fits-all formulas don’t work.

So what does?


Wait, aren’t they the same thing?

Nope! Not the frameworks I’m talking about.

Formulas are prescriptive and don’t take any variation into account. Think of following a recipe to the letter. That’s a formula.

Frameworks are a guide. They allow for customization, experimentation and individual tastes, desires and styles. Think of throwing together a meal with things in your fridge, cabinet and spice rack. That’s a framework.

When you want to make a change, be it health, success or happiness related; step away from the formulas! Find a framework that celebrates your uniqueness. Look for something that gives you some guideposts and allows for variation. Try it on, like you would a pair of shoes, and choose one that fits you well.

Most importantly, remember that just like shoes that feel great in the store and then start to hurt after a few wears, if a framework ends up not fitting, don’t blame yourself. Simply try another until you find the right fit.

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