Your Worth is Not Dependent on How Much You Do (holiday edition)

We’re approaching the holidays and already starting to stress out about how many houses to visit, what to bring, who to buy presents for, when to wrap, what to cook, etc., etc., etc. The list can be endless and we end up becoming whirling dervishes from mid-November until mid-January.

This time of year is the perfect amplifier to our “busy-ness” obsessed culture. Not only do we hustle for our worthiness at work, now we’ve got 2 months of hustle at home as well.

Unless you don’t.

I’m not advocating a holiday boycott. We don’t do gigantic shifts around here – but I’ve got some things that you might need to hear so that maybe (just, maybe!) you can actually enjoy your holidays this year, instead of being an exhausted, cranky, disconnected person.

  1. You are still a good parent even if your kids’ presents aren’t perfectly wrapped.
  2. You are still a good host even if you use paper napkins or serve pre-made food.
  3. You are still a good family member even if you can’t see everyone in person.
  4. You are still a good friend even if you show up to someone’s home empty-handed.

OK, now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk turkey (which is ironic since I don’t eat turkey!).

Most of us (and I’m raising my hand here) think that we have to prove something, in order to be worthy. It’s an epidemic and it’s making us miserable. It’s reinforced in the majority of companies in America, in every advertisement and in most of society. Add in the holidays and we end up missing out on the time of year when we could be making beautiful memories with family and friends.

I invite you to approach this holiday season differently.

Consider these 2 questions:

  1. What is the most important part of the holiday season to you?
  2. How do you want to feel during your holiday celebrations?

Keep those 2 questions in mind as you make your way through the holidays this year. Let them be your guidepost and consult them before you over-commit, over-schedule and disconnect. Make the memories you want to make because the people who matter already know you’re worthy.

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