Make Yourself Happy

It’s always nice to be recognized for something; to be congratulated, appreciated or rewarded. Do you do the same for yourself? One of my favorite things to do with clients is to help them celebrate themselves. Every small win is worthy of a celebration.

Most of the time we minimize our wins and accomplishments. Because our brains are wired with a negativity bias, the negative things that happen are naturally easier to remember. This means that celebrating your successes is critical to your happiness! Not only does that help to combat your inherent negativity bias, research repeatedly shows that people with a consistent gratitude practice are happier and healthier.

What’s the last small win you celebrated? Do you have a favorite way to celebrate yourself?

If you’re feeling uncomfortable at this idea of celebrating yourself, I promise you’re not alone. Especially if you’re a woman, you’ve likely been taught to believe that making yourself happy in this way is boasting or bragging or being full of yourself. I want to challenge you to do it anyway. It’s absolutely OK to feel a little uncomfortable at first when you’re trying something new. Some of the best decisions I’ve made began with me feeling slightly nauseated!

Celebrating your accomplishments, small wins and achievements will feel awkward at first; but if you make this a habit, after a little bit of time you’ll start to notice yourself feeling happier. People around you will probably notice, too. Let them in on your little secret and help them make themselves happier, too.

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