What’s Possible?

What would be possible if you got curious?

Curiosity is one of my favorite places to dwell. I often recommend that my clients get curious about what they’re feeling or what could be possible by making some different choices…and recently, I completely forgot about curiosity in my own life.

I was explaining a personal situation to another coach and I knew I was stuck. I was falling back into an old habit of controlling and telling a loved one what to do, and I didn’t know how to show up any differently. Her advice? Get curious. What could be possible if you asked how you could help instead of barking orders? What might you learn if you inquired into that comment that’s still rolling around in your brain?

Huh. Great questions. Questions I often recommend others ask, and questions that I completely forgot are possible for myself.

When you lean into curiosity a new world of possibilities opens up. It’s so easy to stay stuck in our old habits and behaviors (old habits die hard, after all) that we often don’t even notice we’re doing it. If you’re with me and you’re working on changing something in your life, I invite you to get curious this week. What possibilities do you see? What looks different when you get curious about a situation?

If you’ve forgotten about the possibilities that curiosity creates, look for some of them this week. Let’s get curious together.

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